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Feeling boxed in by business strategies that clash with your values?

In Your Digital Garden, led personally by me, we believe in a growth journey that's as unique as you are.

It's not just about what works in general—it's about what works for you.

What current members are saying

❝YDG helps us design a business that fits our vision, 
helping us prioritize what matters most and not get distracted by all the specific tactics out there.❞

- Bianca González, Blooming Spanish

Your values

Your pace

Your way

Facing Overwhelm?
Let's Clear the Path Together

Drowned in conflicting "must-dos" and generic advice?

Searching for strategies that resonate on a personal level?

Aiming for success that feels genuinely rewarding?

You've found your sanctuary.
Here, every step is taken together.

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What current members are saying

âťťBeing part of YDG is helping me get real clarity
on what´s important not only to have a simple and sustainable business, but also dig deep into what is important to me and why this should be my top priority when putting my message out into the world.❞

- Andrea de Matos West, Blended Learning Designs

Your Digital Garden Offers

Bespoke Growth Strategies:
 Dig into custom-crafted strategies with our flexible templates, personally guided by me to ensure they align with your unique business vision.

An Ever-Expanding Resource Library: Starting with Tech, Messaging, Content, & Visibility Strategies, our library is just sprouting. As we grow, so does our repository of practical trainings and adaptable Notion templates, addressing a wide array of topics from audience growth to advanced strategies, all tailored to meet your evolving needs.

Collective Wisdom: Learn from the collective expertise within our community and from external experts. Our trainings, workshops and challenges are not just about imparting knowledge; they're about sharing wisdom in a way that’s interactive and directly applicable.

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What current members are saying

âťťThe YDG is my happy place
because of the regular co-working sessions,
the friendly and supportive atmosphere created by Teresa and the other members, as well as the wealth of expertise that I can dig from whenever I need to.❞

- Dr Amina Douidi, DEI and Intercultural Communication Consultant in ELT

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For just €27 a month—roughly the price of a quality business book—you'll gain comprehensive access to invaluable resources and a supportive community. 

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€27 per month

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  • Monthly workshops, each followed by a 5-day implementation challenge (plus resources)
  • Access to video recordings and transcripts of trainings if you can't attend live 
  • Live Q&A sessions to address your pressing digital strategy questions (NOT recorded for your privacy)
  • Private community of like-minded professionals
  • Frequent co-working sessions (I schedule four a week, members can initiate more)
  • Emphasis on ethical strategies that align with your personal values
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Everything in the Monthly Plan,


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Why Join Us?

Direct Mentorship & Community Support:
 I'm here to offer you personal support and guidance, backed by a community eager to share and grow together. Your success is our collective triumph.

Dynamic Learning Opportunities: From simplifying social media to mastering audience growth, benefit from a curriculum that adapts and expands based on the expertise of our members and guest experts.

Get Started on a Business Growth Journey That Feels Right

Yes - I want to join today!

What current members are saying

âťťJoining the membership was a great decision!
It's certainly giving me a big boost of enthusiasm.
It's also helping me focus on my work and share ideas with other members of a super nice community.âťž

- Luciana Bizzozero, Lu Bizz Design